28+ Contract Hire

28+ provides the solution for corporate and private customers who need an economical longer term rental without being tied into a formal lease or contract.

28+ gives you the freedom and flexibility of a regular hire but with the prices you would expect of a long
term lease.

Cooke Bros 28+ is the product for the discerning motorist or:

• Companies with new starters on probation periods
• Overseas visitors here on extended visits
• People looking to buy a new car but haven’t found the right one
• People in between company cars
• People that want to try a certain make and model of car before they buy
• Companies that have limited pool cars available
• Companies that don’t want to commit to buying new cars or getting tied in to long term leases

28+ is a rolling 28 day contract that you may have for just one initial 28 days or for as long as you wish with full 20% vat reclaim, new replacement vehicles, no down time, Nationwide coverage.

Prices can be tailored for companies that have their own insurance or private customers who require our insurance.

Please contact our rental agents to discuss your requirements.